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ROT and Intelligent Migration

Migration of enterprise content from network drives and other locations to M365 is an important move to enable the remote workforce and reduce internal IT costs. It is also an opportunity to clean up trivial, obsolete and redundant (ROT) content the organization has accumulated over the years. 

Starting up with a clean slate in the new environment helps improve user efficiency, reduces confusion about where the single version of the truth is, improves findability and reduces cost.

Utilizing industry proven tools and best practices, this ROT can be eliminated before content is migrated. Content volume can be reduced by 30%-50% by eliminating ROT.

"If you're ready for a new beginning, for a fresh start, start by decluttering and tidying up" - Marie Kondo

Why you need ROT cleanup:

ROT increases storage cost

ROT impacts speed and accuracy of search results

30% to 50% of content may be ROT

  • Having duplicate files and multiple versions of a document can lead to confusion, inefficiency and costly mistakes

  • Establish a single source of the truth and reduce confusion by eliminating duplicates

  • ROT is discoverable

ROT and Intelligent Migration includes the following services:

  • Identification and cleanup of ROT data through user workshops

  • SharePoint topology based on best practices

  • Design and configuration of SharePoint sites and libraries, and Teams, including folder structure, permissions and metadata

  • Document migration from network folders and other locations to the appropriate sites/libraries and Teams

  • User acceptance testing to validate functionality, permissions and migrated documents

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