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M365 Governance

Why is M365 governance required?

Microsoft's modern workspace is powerful.  It allows people to start a virtual meeting quickly, chat easily, post and share content in an interconnected SharePoint-MS Teams-One Drive universe.  The challenge is that each interface creates its own silo-ed content container.  Traditionally, it would take IT perhaps six month to one year to build and deploy document management system, now user can create at their ease, using a variety of different methods, with each container behaving slightly differently from one another.  

The challenge with this is what was traditionally represented as a simple folder structure on a network shared drive can now be represented in a variety of combinations and permutations of these varied container. And so what, you might ask?  The problem with that is over time, inevitably, no one knows where content is, and users start to create or keep their own copies in separate silo-ed container, and what you'll have is web of dark data in various container with special permissions and applications that will be even harder to clean up than your traditional shared drives. 

What do we consider in M365 Governance?

  • The use of SharePoint, MS Teams and One Drive.  Do users understand how the organization is leveraging them and when to use which one for their specific needs?

  • Is there a process to provisioning a SharePoint site, library, or Teams?  Does it involve a review whether an existing container already exist?

  • Is there a decommissioning process to clean up containers that is no longer in use?  How do you handle records retention and ROT clean up? 

  • What is your information architecture to store organizational content? Is there a structure that users can easily navigate to?  Is there separation from organizational content from project content?  

  • How do I adopt a flat SharePoint structure to prevent heavily nested SharePoint structure?  

  • How does SharePoint content interplay with MS Teams?

We can help you with these challenging topics through our strategy consulting services.

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