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Content Services Strategy 

It is no surprise that Microsoft has been recognized by Gartner, for the third year in a roll, as a leader in Content Services Platforms Magic Quadrant.  SharePoint powers content collaboration from intranet to Teams and OneDrive, allowing for content to easily be shared within the organization as well as collaboration with members of outside parties.  However, this ease of collaboration often comes at a cost where content gets proliferated by being easily duplicated in multiple silo-ed containers, leading to users unable to find the latest or the official version.  

"Structure does not have to come at the cost of flexibility."

At General Networks, we strive to find the right balance between giving users the flexibility of collaboration in a modern workspace and proper structure for information protection, governance, and findability.  

Content Services Strategy engagement includes the following services.

  • Information architecture review - Analysis of how existing content is structured within the organization and the challenges users face to navigate the information structure and adapt to organizational changes.  

  • Information lifecycle management review - analysis of end the provisioning process of information container and the decommissioning or the retirement of stale information. 

  • Modern site architecture - Design of the flat site architecture for the organization and data placement strategy between Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

  • Security and permissions Considerations - Design of security and permissions control through process or group management.

  • Data compliance review and records management review - Analysis of how best to achieve the organization's information governance control through either native M365 technology or add-on technologies.

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