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IIM is a division of General Networks

Intelligent Information Management

We are the Intelligent Information Management Practice, a group of content management experts who help you solve your collaboration, compliance, and search challenges to improve organizational performance.

Our Expertise

Our Services

Content Services Strategy 

  • Site architecture design

  • Teams vs SharePoint vs OneDrive

M365 Governance

  • Governance vs self- service

  • Taxonomy and records management in M365

M365 Content Services Implementation

  • Apply information governance while empowering users to collaborate and fully utilize M365 

Microsoft Teams Strategy

  • Teams provisioning and governance

  • Teams lifecycle management

ROT and Intelligent Migration

  • Redundant Obsolete Trivial (ROT) analysis and cleanup

  • Migration with metadata enrichment

Intelligent Information Management 

  • Automate document classification and metadata extraction

  • Leverage metadata for search and data protection


Why Choose Us

The Challenge

Moving to the Cloud

Ready to find out more?

Do you have challenges managing the existing SharePoint data sprawl?  Are you concerned about managing MS Teams rollout?  How are you managing remove work experience for your knowledge workers?  Talk to us to see how we can help you.


General Networks Corporation is an industry-leading IT systems integrator that delivers technology consulting and managed services for customers who need to manage and process business-critical information. Backed by over 32 years of expertise, General Networks can help your organization become more efficient and reduce overhead.

IIM is a division of
General Networks

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